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Diamond mosaic pictures

We develop Diamond Mosaic Pictures kits, and offer wholesale.
Canvas and wooden stretcher are included.

Diamond Mosaic Pictures, or Mosaic Art

This mosaic art kit will help create a beautiful gift or an interior decoration piece. Each of mosaic crystals is cut like a diamond, which makes the picture light up with different colours.
Our Diamond Mosaic Picture kit has everything you need
to create a masterpiece

What makes our Diamond Mosaic Pictures the best?

Acrylic mosaic crystals of different shapes and cutting
Our kits feature acrylic mosaic crystals of most different shapes and cutting. We select crystals for each theme and story individually. Crystals may be glossy or mat, smooth or pearly, diamond-shaped or round, or contain large crystals of complicated shapes.
Photo-printed adhesive canvas
We offer top quality canvas that doesn't stretch, fade or harden over time. The canvas comes on a wooden stretcher with a 3-D printed frame. The canvas print has brightness and contrast properties of a photo-print. The adhesive base is safe and reliable.
The adhesive base is safe and reliable
In our Diamond Embroidery Painting kits production, we apply the adhesive base on the canvas only to crystal attachment areas. We use only formaldehyde and odor free, non-toxic glue. Thanks to thick, even texture of our canvas, the mosaic crystals will adhere strongly and will not crumble over time.
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We develop our themes and stories together with our authors under license agreements. Working on the diamond layout together with artists helps create incredible products. Diamond mosaic pictures will convey the artists' ideas of colour palette and story.
Legal security: our stories are developed together with authors under license agreements. All customs fees have been paid for our products. We provide delivery notes with real Customs Declaration numbers. When you sell our product you don't need to worry about fines or confiscation.
Ballerinas Diamond Mosaic Catalogue
By TM Tsvetnoy and Olga Legeida. Collection size 30cm by 40cm
These Diamond Mosaic Ballerinas became a bestseller at the 2017 BuyBrand Expo and the 2017 Craft Formula Exhibition. These lively, realistic and moving images were created together with Olga Legeida. Olga's young daughter modeled for the Little Ballerina picture, and perhaps this personal touch made this image so popular among our buyers.

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Owls Diamond Mosaic Catalogue
By TM Tsvetnoy and Inga Paltser. Collection size 30cm by 40cm .
How can TM Tsvetnoy ensure the best end result of Diamond Mosaic Picture layout?
These photos show the final version of layout that we've launched for mass production. Each theme goes through a development cycle: designer's outline, mosaic layout, approval by a product manager, and approval by a focus group or an artist, the work's author. If we are not happy with the result we alter the layout by varying colours, sizes, the amount of colours, partial or full outline. At times, when we are not fully satisfied with the final layout, a particular image may never get launched. This is how we come up with outstanding Mosaic Pictures by TM Tsvetnoy.

Photos of approved layouts
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Street Lamps Diamond Mosaic Catalogue
Full layout. Together with Julia Yumaeva.
Real Bouquets Diamond Art
Full layout. Together with Elena Vavilina
Quality Guarantee for Mosaic Pictures
We can guarantee our quality. If your customer gets a defected product
we will deliver a replacement to their home for free.
Our diamond mosaic kits are packaged and marked automatically by special machines. This helps avoid having a large number of mistakes such as insufficient number of crystals in a package, wrong colours, missing colours , or wrong marking on a package. Crystals are colour-coordinated and conveniently packaged in a marked strip. The kit includes additional zip-lock bags to keep your crystals once you've opened the package. Thanks to this packaging system, we can be confident in high quality of our products, and promise that end buyers will enjoy our creativity kits.
Diamond Mosaic by TM Tsvetnoy
Automatic packaging of our diamond mosaic helps form kits without defects.

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