TM "Tsvetnoy"

Textile Doll Sewing Kits
wholesale directly from manufacturer

We produce kits that include best kinds of patchwork fabric, doll accessories, and a gift box
TM Tsvetnoy produced its Doll Sewing Kits to be a perfect gift for creative individuals. The kit is placed in a colourful box, which can then be used as a gift box for the doll. Individual instruction manuals for each doll, unique patterns, patchwork fabric and many other things will help anyone create their own little masterpiece.

Textile Doll Sewing Kit contents

"All included" kit in a gift box. Perfect as a gift: anyone will be able to make a doll using our patterns and instruction manuals.
Special non-fraying patchwork fabric
Special soft toy stuffing
Ribbons and accessories
Accessories required for decorating the doll
Doll hair
Blonde or dark hair
Foam ball
Blank doll head
Chalk and patterns
For making curved lines and drafts
Coloured sewing threads
Needles and pins
Hand sewing needles and stitching pins
Instructions manual
Detailed doll-making guidelines
New 2019 Collection

Interior Doll Sewing Kits Catalogue

Pre-order now and get each 11th kit for making a sample for free
Sheep and Bunnies Series
Every collection is unique
Patchwork fabric is produced in limited quantities to ensure exclusivity of our kits
Best materials only
The kit contents
  • Special non-fraying patchwork fabric
  • Holofiber - soft toy stuffing
  • Ribbons and accessories for decorating the toys
  • Patterns for making curved lines
  • Hand sewing needles
  • Stitching pins
  • Threads
  • Drawing chalk for patttern cutting
  • Coloured instructions manual
How can you work with us?
We have three main options.
Customized terms are available.
Open a store
TM Tsvetnoy
starting from 10.000 Euros
Open your own store in the best mall of your city/town and make from 1 000 Euros per month
Buy wholesale
from manufacturer
starting from 2.000 Euros
The broadest range available in Russia
Shipping by any carrier within 24 hours
Start an online store
Upload the entire catalog to your online store or a social media account. Dropshipping: no need to purchase products before selling them

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